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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bay to Breakers 100 years- we did it!

For my 50th year I thought I should have a big birthday challenge and have some fun too! I chose to join a team with other single Moms and do the 100th Bay to Breakers Celebration Race. We walked it moving along with thousands of costumed party spirited participants from the Embarcadero over the Hayes Hill though Golden Gate Park and down to the Ocean.

We were scrabble letters and tried to spell out fun sayings and funny words. The crowds defeated that but we did have a blast seeing all the amazing costumes, ridiculous antics and spoofs on current affairs.

I have been trying to visit San Francisco more and do events, learn the neighborhoods and sight see just for fun. This day took us through a fabulous course and included the inhabitants making merry as well. I really enjoyed catching glimpses of the City at its best. Wonderful old Victorian Homes, beautiful Parks and lots of public Art and Festivities.

Don't know if I will do it again but it is a day I will never forget and one that gives me happy memories.

Must have been great when you end up on a beautiful beach with a view of Mount Tam.