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Friday, September 2, 2011

Back on the Web again!

Well, it turns out that my old computer suffered from massive internal issues so now have a lovely updated version with super fast stuff and fancy,schmancy everything so am good for awhile.  I am looking forward to getting back to blogging!

So- late summer in the garden. Time to prune out excessive growth, dead wood and revamp mulch areas. I have been doing a lot of clean up lately stream lining the look of the garden to alleviate that "overgrown" feeling. As you can imagine my garden is full of plants! It has been steadily filling in over the last 10 years here, so it is time to selectively remove and prune back the major plants.

This time of year we have the Indian Summer weather and it takes a toll on the garden leaving things looking tired and wilted. I just added slow release fertilizer and I am doing a bit of extra watering with the hose cleaning the leaves of dust and cobwebs plus giving extra moisture. Always water in fertilizer well after application to avoid burning. We are picking Apples now and they are superb. Be sure and remove dropped fruit and spoiled fruit from trees to avoid pest and disease issues.

I will add photos as I get the new Adobe Photoshop software. Am excited to be getting ready to offer more photos through web albums so will add the link for that as I have it ready.

Enjoy and hope you have time to relax in the garden!