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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Spring Wildflowers

Milk Maids are the first
wildflowers of the year
blooming in winter months.
Hounds Tongue just came
out with tall stalks from
tongue shaped leaves at the
It is always so exciting to see the Milk Maids blooming in the hills. This means that many beautiful wildflowers will soon start to appear. With the green grass the colorful blooms decorate our forest and foothills making spring a celebration of new growth. Poetic- huh!
It all just makes me want to go for a hike and see what flowers I can find. Along with the wildflowers this year came a new baby faun up at Mom's in Marin. The deer roam freely and enjoy eating what we plant there but don't bother the wildflowers and can't keep up with the grass!

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