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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What am I seeing Here?

Yes, that really is a California Blacktail Deer on someones roof!  This was contributed to my blog by Erin Sunkel of Belmont, who was amazed to look out her dining room window to see a Deer on the neighbors roof chomping on the tops of her shrubs.  Apparently this rascal had jumped from the slope in the back of the home onto the roof to have a buffet of the foliage overhanging the roof. 

Up at my Mom's house in Marin County we have had many amazing Deer interactions including:

A 3 legged deer who couldn't seem to stand up so my Mother (80 at the time) decided to help out and scared herself and the Deer. Luckily they both tottered off without harm.

A huge Buck getting his antlers stuck between the beams on the underside of the house.
So Mom was in the shower and heard a lot of racket from below. She exited the shower, dressed and went to investigate to find the animal in jeopardy.  With the help of the Marin Humane Society they got the Buck free but it ran off before they could determine if he was o.k.. At least he didn't come back.

When I lived at home I heard  crashing,banging noises coming from the woods out back. I came out the back door to find two Bucks doing a nature kingdom spectacular for me. They were butting their heads together at full speed with giant racks of antlers- Wow!  The energy was terrifying and fascinating at the same time.

One of my childhood friends in the hood found a struggling Deer in their creek and was horrified to find that someone had shot him with a arrow.  The Marin Humane Society (they get a lot of action) came out and tried to help out but this Deer also ran off before it could be sedated and taken to the animal hospital.  We always wondered how it got shot and where it went to.

My favorite though is the time Mom opened the front door to find a little doe laying on the front stoop perfectly comfortable and happy out of the rain and cold weather. She was startled but quietly closed the door and smiled.

For all my acrimony with Deer for the damage they cause to the gardens they are a big part of our lives in the old neighborhood and it wouldn't be the same without them.

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