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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Garden Reminders

Wow- spring has sprung!

A few tips for garden tasks in the early spring:

*spray fruit trees with dormant oil spray just as the flowers buds are about to open.

*Apply snail bait often- they're herrrrrrrrre! Use "Sluggo" for gardens with pets and wildlife.

*Trim back subtropicals to keep them from getting leggy i.e. fuchsias, abutilon, bougainvillea,
hibiscus, angels trumpet etc....

*Pull weeds just after the rain- they come out with root and all when the soil is wet.

*Fertilize plants and add iron chelate for yellowing plants so that the spring rains will wash it in.

*Prune tips of Crape Myrtles and old flower heads (seed pods) for better flowering and a fuller tree.

Enjoy the garden- it is a great time of year and so much fun!

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